Friday, 18 October 2013

CLGP Presentation Night

Ladies & Gentlemen

The presentation night set for Friday 15th November at St Marys Social Club, Pine Street, Radcliffe. 

The doors will open at 7.30pm for a 8pm presentation, followed by pie and peas and a sports related quiz put on by the local quiz league.
Entrance Fee on the night will be £3 per head.
Can you confirm how many members will be attending from your respective clubs by 7th November? 

Could you e-mail Mark Emmett directly with your numbers. His e-mail address is:

Could you also indicate if you how many of the attendees would prefer a vegetarian meal.
Thank you.
Garry Baines
Secretary - CLGP

Thursday, 17 October 2013

CLGP Trophy Winners 2013

Team Events
Club Champions:             Bolton United Harriers  
‘B’ Team Champions:      Bolton United Harriers
Veteran Champions:        Horwich RMI

Ladies Champions:          Burnden Road Runners

Men’s Individual                                                               
1st:         Matthew Clark – Swinton Running Club                                                        
2nd:       Lewis Eccleston – Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners        
3rd:        Martyn Bell – Horwich RMI                                                         
4th:        David Jackson – Horwich RMI                                                    
5th:        Phillip Williams – Leigh Harriers                                              

Ladies’ Individual
1st:         Gwen Kinloch – Burnden Road Runners        
2nd:       Kirsty Normanton – Burnden Road Runners
3rd:        Josie Maley –Astley & Tyldesley R.R.
4th:        Isaline Kneale – Burnden Road Runners
5th:        Suzanne Gregory – Astley & Tyldesley  R.R.
Men’s Vets
1st:         Martyn Bell –Horwich RMI                                                          
2nd:       David Jackson – Horwich RMI                                                    

1st:         Andy Townsend – Horwich RMI                                                                         
2nd        Tony Flanagan – Swinton Running Club                                 

1st:         Steve Nolan – Burnden Road Runners                                   
2nd:       Shaun Moran – Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners            
2nd:       Sean McMyler – Horwich RMI

1st:         Keith Thomas – Burnden Road Runners
2nd:       Ian Newcombe – Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners                                        
1st:         Ken Fowler – Bolton United Harriers                                                    
2nd:       Phil Boardman – Bolton United Harriers

1st:         Eric Ranicar – Bolton United Harriers                                     
2nd:       Pete Bland – Horwich RMI

1st:         Tom West – Radcliffe A.C.
2nd:       James Rhodes – Radcliffe A.C.

Ladies’ Vets
1st:  Suzanne Gregory – Astley & Tyldesley R.R.
1st: Jayne Dickinson – Bolton United Harriers

1st:         Kirsty Normanton – Burnden Road Runners
2nd:       Mumtaz Patel – Burnden Road Runners

1st:         Isaline Kneale – Burnden Road Runners     
2nd:       Carole Baines – Astley & Tyldesley R.R.  
1st:         Gwen Kinloch – Burnden Road Runners               
2nd:       Anne Ferguson – Burnden Road Runners

1st:         Eileen Royle – Radcliffe A.C.

Plus 12 participations awards to:-

Ian Bushrod – Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners
Derek Coop – Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners
Suzanne Gregory – Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners
Catherine Hodgetts – Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners
Shaun Moran – Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners
Daryl Bentley – Bolton United Harriers
Simon Dally – Bolton United Harriers
John Grimshaw – Bolton United Harriers
Peter Kearney – Bolton United Harriers
Andrew Duffy – Burnden Road Runners
Robert Shaw – Burden Road Runners
Alan Smith – Leigh Harriers

CLGP 2013- Final Standings

The final standings in the 2013 CLGP can be accessed by clicking here

A massive thank you must go to Chris Greenall for the amount of time he has dedicated to providing us with the results over the season.

Congratulations to all of the trophy winners

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Request from Vince Ashton

Bolton Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
 ‘Special Care for Special Babies - Neonatal Special Care to home’ needs your vote in the Lloyds Bank Community Fund

Bolton Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has been shortlisted for the Lloyds Bank Community Fund 2013 in South Lancashire. We have a chance to be awarded a £3,000 grant from Lloyds Bank to enable us to continue doing good work in the community.

        “Special Babies"
 Special care babies really are special. Many of them have spent weeks or even months in hospital and it would be nice to spoil them a little before they go home. At the start of their journey, we do all we can to support mums in establishing breastfeeding as the impact of receiving breast milk can last a lifetime. Providing pumps for use at home can help mums express for longer. The conditions of the majority of infant patients in the NICU are very complex. It is inevitable that they may have to spend a number of months in the Special Care unit. The hospital environment is very clinical and the opportunity for stimulation and play is limited so some toys to soften the environment and encourage mums to play with their babies would be brilliant. This means that they may lose out on the stimulation a full term infant would receive in their home environment and have no experience of the ‘outside world’. This can lead to a developmental impairment.
 Not only is the stimulation of these babies very special to us, we also need to provide a welcoming environment for the comfort of the parents/guardians and visiting siblings.
“The Lloyds Bank Community Fund will make a huge difference to Bolton Neonatal Intensive Care Unit by enabling us to purchase a number of portable breast pumps, home comforts like games cot mobiles, DVD Players and TVs, making a difference to the lives of hundreds of young people using Bolton Special Care facilities. Please vote for Bolton Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to benefit from the Community Fund award.”

and choose Bolton to find our page to vote (search Bolton)

Or text VOTE PDSC to 61119

Or go into a Lloyds bank:

How do I cast a vote in a branch?
·         Votes for Community Fund 2013 can be cast in participating branches during branch open hours.
·         You will be invited to cast a vote when transacting at the branch counter, or at the branch enquiry desk, or following a meeting in branch.
·         You will be handed a voting token by a member of staff to place in the voting box of your preferred community group of the four presented.
·         Only one voting token is available per transaction in branch, branch enquiry or meeting.
·         Please note that the opportunity to vote may be refused by the branch bank manager if it is reasonably believed that the fairness of the voting process is likely to be affected.

We have until 1st November so please pass on the word. Press releases will be out soon locally.
So far we are in the top four for this award in South Lancashire. This has got us £300. Now comes the public vote to increase this to £3000

Vince Ashton
Medical Devices Nurse Practitioner
1st Floor East Wing

Musgrave House

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Final Race - Gin Pit 5

The final race in the 2013 Central Lancs Grand Prix "The Gin Pit 5" takes place at The Miners Welfare - Gin Pit Village, Astley.  On 6th October.

There are still quite a lot of trophies up for grabs, so lets make a big effort and finish the season off in style with a big turnout.

Race details and entry form can be found at

You can still enter on line at UK Forms

See you all on Sunday

Monday, 16 September 2013

CLGP Latest Standings

The latest standings in the Central Lancs Grand Prix following the Swinton 10 mile road race on 29th September, can be found by clicking here.

There is also a new tab that shows the winners so far.

They are also always available from the link on the right hand side of the blog.As usual, a massive thank you to Chris Greenall for for compiling the scores.

Swinton 10 Mile

The next race in the 2013 CLGP is the Swinton 10 Mile Road Race.

Details can be found here